5 Simple Tips for Selling Your Property Well

When selling your property, you don’t need to cripple yourself financially to add value to your home. With thoughtful and affordable changes you can make your home instantly more enticing to potential buyers.

1. It’s the outside that counts 

When selling your property, the exterior of your home can often mean the difference between success and disappointment. Simple measures such as tree pruning, water blasting, lawn mowing or landscaping makes a significant difference when wooing aspiring home-owners (and adding value to your property).

2. The Devil is in the Details

Everyone has a fondness for their own personal effects, but often strangers will not. Help potential buyers to imagine your property as their “home” and remove all personal photos and sentimental items which may be cluttering your home. This also serves to keep your stuff safe, a win-win.

3. Repurpose “the man cave”

Don’t let the family “lair” or “junk room” stay that way! Box up the junk and move it out, then repurpose the space to highlight its potential. Move a desk and chair in from elsewhere in the house and hey presto – a study.

4. Big is beautiful

Ditch the piano, get rid of that big old vintage television and create spaces within your home. Again, a blank canvas is very inspiring for the aspiring home owner.

5. Keep things welcoming

Now that your home has been pared back, some gestures may be needed to keep things friendly. It may seem cheesy but flowers are worth their weight in gold. Empty the bins, polish the mailbox, and you’ll be sitting pretty.

Need some help? Quarter Acre Co. are specialists in maximising your property sale potential. We are experts in tree removal, pruning, hedge trimming, lawn mowing, gutter cleaning, interior and exterior home cleaning (water blasting). If you have any questions or just want to talk to one of the team, get in touch today.

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