The Waikato Property Market – How things look for 2013

In January, the media cheerfully reported that the five-year Waikato property market drought seemed to be over, with a burst of sales over the holiday break. However, this burst of activity seemed somewhat short lived as reported in the Waikato Times this week. Despite the value of houses steadily rising, the volume of property sales remains low. Waikato country sales dipped in June, from 224 in May down to 148.

What does this mean for you as a property seller?

Well, at Quarter Acre Co we are choosing to view this news in a positive light. Despite sluggish sale volumes in the Waikato property market, prices are rising, which means the odds of you as a homeowner making a profit in your property sale are good, especially if you have done all you can to maximise your property sale potential. Another thing to consider is the fact that when compared to last year the news is favourable! The region has seen an average sales increase of 3.8 per cent, with market growth in the rural Waikato and the eastern Bay of Plenty, and a median price increase of $900 in the year to June 30. The article’s final insight is that there are many homeowners who are reluctant to sell. This makes desirable homes very hot property indeed – the perfect time to swoop in and present something special to the market of eager buyers.

Need some help selling your home in this exciting property market? Quarter Acre Co. are specialists in maximising your property sale potential. We are experts in tree removal, pruning, hedge trimming, lawn mowing, gutter cleaning, interior and exterior home cleaning (water blasting), which can lead to a return on investment for you of 10:1! If you have any questions or just want to talk to one of the team, get in touch today.

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